Essex Team Rapidplay

Knockout 2023

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Mon26-Jun-23AwayChelmsford L 2-8
Wed19-Jul-23HomeBarking B W 6-4
Tue1-Aug-23AwayWanstead C W 5-5
Wed6-Sep-23HomeWanstead B L 2-7



Round 1

Chelmsford Hot Box   Mon 26th June 2023
Chelmsford R1 R2   Loughton
1White, Russell P2061(B,W)1-00-1Bowmer, Kevin2029(W,B)
2Myall, Ivan J2012-1-0Stirling, William J1931
3Chandler, David C18771-0-Middleton, Stephen1822
4Smith, Ryan M19621-01-0Malinik, Attila1955
5Latypova, Olga L 1646J1-01-0Kershaw, Graham J1718
4- 3-1

Parking was difficult as we were not familiar with Chelmsford. Strangely, the access to the Fairfield Road Public Car Park is blocked from Fairfield Road. You have to tour Chelmsford to find an alternative entrance. When we had recovered the traumas of our travels, we were well beaten and only won one game.


Plate Round 1

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 19th July 2023
Loughton R1 R2   Barking B
1Stirling, William J1925(W,B)-0-1Naumov, Igor1732(B,W)
2Middleton, Stephen18251-01-0Pastukhov, Boris1791
3Horan, George17761-01-0Berkley, Stephen W1660
4Kershaw, Graham J16940-10-1Mathompat, Rajyeshwar Ramesh1536
5Van Tol, Martin17531-0-Ali, Mohammed Ishtiaq1637
3-1 2-2

Plate Semi Final

Wanstead House   Tue 1st Aug 2023
Wanstead C R1 R2   Loughton
1Li, Colin1567R1 (B)0-1Stirling, William J1905 (W)
1Jones, Keith S1679R2 (W)1-0(B)
2Diniz Afonso, Davi1700(W,B)0-10-1Horan, George1788(B,W)
3Siddo, Charlton16790-10-1Moth, Simon C1762
4Lataille, Matthias16521-01-0Kershaw, Graham J1666
5Nickals, Peter A16371-01-0Collins, Fred1731
2-3 3-2

Loughton win on board count !
We were 3-2 up after the 1st round as Bill, George and Simon all won.
In the 2nd round after Bill, Fred and Graham had lost and George won, we were 5-4 down with Simon still playing. He won well and we won the match on board count.
Not a single draw !

Plate Final

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 6th Sep 2023
Loughton R1 R2   Wanstead B
1Bowmer, Kevin2031(W,B)-0-1Rix, Steven JL2049(W,B)
2Stirling, William J18920-11-0Bancroft, Paul1989
3Middleton, Stephen1868-0-1Whitton, Terry D1924
4Horan, George18190-1-Staniland, Philip1877
5Moth, Simon C17780-10-1Karacsony, Istvan1755
1-4 1-3

Essex Team Rapid Knockout