Essex Team Rapidplay

Knockout 2022

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed29-Jun-22HomeWanstead C W 5-4
Wed3-Aug-22AwayWrittle L 6-4




Round 1

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 29th Jun 2022
Loughton R1 R2   Wanstead C
1Van Tol, Martin1758(B,W)1-01-0Lataille, Matthias1579(W,B)
2Moth, Simon C17531-0-Smith, David1521
3Groce, Ken16451-00-1Colclough, Ryan1549
4Kershaw, Graham J17500-11-0Jestico, John V1418
5Demirdelen, Ozan14720-10-1Green, Alfred1409
3-2 2-2

Quarter Final

Writtle Library   Wed 3rd Aug 2022
Writtle R1 R2   Loughton
1White, Russell P2105(W,B)1-0-Bowmer, Kevin2035(B,W)
2Myall, Ivan J2025-0-1Stirling, William J1915
3Wilson, Edgar20011-00-1Faulkner, David J1744
4Mueller, Jens19481-01-0Van Tol, Martin1769
5Millward, David J1824--Middleton, Stephen1760
4-1 2-3

The match was played with a time of twenty minutes + ten second increment. After struggling in the first round to the current Essex league champions, we actually won the second round but lost overall. Bill had a plus score.

Essex Team Rapid 2022 Knockout