Essex Team Rapidplay

Knockout 2019

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Tue11-Jun-19AwayUpminster AW 7-3
Wed28-Aug-19HomeWanstead B D 5-5
Tue17-Sep-19AwayWanstead B L 6-3




Round 1

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 11th Jun 2019
Upminster A R1 R2   Loughton
1McCall, Martin184r(B,W) - 0-1Bowmer, Kevin188r(W,B)
2Crane, Leslie J178r0-10-1Stirling, William J166r
3Davenport, John174r - 1-0Faulkner, David J161r
4Iannetta, Robert160r1-00-1Kershaw, Graham J141r
5Kelsey, Stephen J174s0-10-1Moth, Simon C144r
2-3 1-4

Excellent double wins for Bill & Simon gave us a convincing victory over first division Upminster A.
We have a bye in the quarter final.

Grades above are January 2019 grades.     r rapid play     s standard play (if no rapid grade)

Semi Final

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 28th Aug 2019
Loughton R1 R2   Wanstead B
1Bowmer, Kevin183(W,B)--Bui, Kyan182J(B,W)
2Stirling, William J1680-11-0Bancroft, Paul173
3Faulkner, David J1540-11-0Whitton, Terry D170
4van Tol, Martin1511-00-1Staniland, Philip158
5Kershaw, Graham J1461-00-1Murrell, Mark RA159
2-2 2-2

A remarkable result ! The match was drawn. However, as each individual board was 1-1, it was also drawn on all tie breaks ( board count & lowest boards elimination ). No one can remember this ever happening before in Essex rapidplay history. Hence there will be a replay at Wanstead House.

Semi Final Replay

Wanstead House   Tue 17th Sep 2019
Wanstead B R1 R2   Loughton
1Bui, Kyan182J(W,B)-1-0Bowmer, Kevin183(B,W)
2Parols, Vladimir1761-01-0Stirling, William J168
3Bancroft, Paul1730-1-Faulkner, David J154
4Chirea-Florica, T Alin1641-0-van Tol, Martin151
5Staniland, Philip1581-00-1Kershaw, Graham J146
3-1 3-2

In the first ever Essex Rapid knock out replay, Wanstead B strenghend their team and made their grading advantage count. A good result for Dave.

Grades above are July 2019 rapid play grades except for Martin - January 2019 rapid play grade.

Essex Team Rapid Knockout 2019