NCCL Team 2022-23

North Circular League Div B

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
8 2 1 5 5

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed 9-Nov-22HomeEnfield I W 3-2
Wed 7-Dec-22HomeChingford II L 2-3
Wed 4-Jan-23HomeWanstead II L 2-3
Tue10-Jan-23AwayEnfield I L 2-3
Thu28-Feb-23AwayWanstead II D 2˝-2˝
Mon13-Mar-23AwayChingford II L 1-4
Thu13-Apr-23AwayBarking II W 4-1
Wed17-May-23HomeBarking II L 1˝-3˝

Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 9th Nov 2022
Loughton Enfield I
1Middleton, Stephen19361-0Olulode, Olu2150
2Groce, Ken16930-1McNish, David1742
3Kershaw, Graham J16721-0Kyriacou, Kyriacos1591
4Brunger, Myles 1542J1-0Ozdemir, Kamil1484
5Gudovijus, Kestutis 0-1McWilliams, Mark D1467

Our first match for over two years against our old friends from Enfield. Generally they out-graded us on higher boards, so we did well to win. We actually had very good performances, from losers, as well as winners.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 7th Dec 2022
Loughton Chingford II
1Malinik, Attila ˝-˝Horan, George1970
2Faulkner, David J1845˝-˝Rose, Peter W1845
3van Tol, Martin17821-0Oakley, Robin J1777
4Groce, Ken16770-1Spear, Brian J1786
5Collins, Fred16410-1Morrell, Andrew1739

The other three games took a lot longer.

So that put us two down.

So we were one down.

So we narrowly missed a drawn match.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 4th Jan 2023
Loughton Wanstead II
1Collins, Fred15920-1Murrell, Mark R A1871
2van Tol, Martin1792˝-˝Barclay, Paul R1812
3Groce, Ken16701-0Nickals, Peter A1716
4Brunger, Myles1535˝-˝Nigrelli, Vittorio1778
5Gudovijus, Kestutis13090-1McCarron, Peter DJ1739

Ken had an excellent result. The game started as a Queens Indian but transposed into a Queens Gambit where his opponent went wrong and got three isolated pawns. Ken's bishop had control of the centre and he won in his opponent's time trouble.

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tue 10th Jan 2023
Enfield I Loughton
1Olulode, Olu21481-0Malinik, Attila1821
2Hetherington, Carl J2000˝-˝Moth, Simon C1801
3McNish, David1746˝-˝van Tol, Martin1793
4Gilberg, Paul1743˝-˝Kershaw, Graham J1680
5Kyriacou, Kyriacos1575˝-˝Gudovijus, Kestutis1287

Wanstead House    Tue 28th Feb 2023
Wanstead II Loughton
1Karacsony, Istvan18430-1Moth, Simon C1800
2Barclay, Paul R1816˝-˝Malinik, Attila1773
3Jones, Keith S17591-0van Tol, Martin1791
4Nigrelli, Vittorio17620-1Collins, Fred1661
5Colclough, Ryan17651-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1336

Excellent wins by Simon and Fred against higher graded opponents.

British Legion Club, Chingford    Mon 13th Mar 2023
Chingford II Loughton
1Horan, George20041-0Collins, Fred1708
2Rose, Peter W18351-0Brunger, Myles1547
3Spear, Brian J17761-dDee, Fault 
4Klein, Steven1517˝-˝Gudovijus, Kestutis1328
5Neogy, A Robin (Robbie)1555˝-˝Smith, Michael1314

St. Margaret’s Church, Barking    Thu 13th Apr 2023
Barking II Loughton
1Pastukhov, Boris17300-1Middleton, Stephen1981
2Berkley, Stephen W18060-1Moth, Simon C1795
3Mathompat, Rajyeshwar15970-1van Tol, Martin1776
4Monk, George H16450-1Brunger, Myles1544
5Chtym, Vladimir14641-0Sargent, Leslie J1325

An emphatic away win. However, the match felt a bit closer and in reality could have gone the other way.

We went into the match with a slight grading advantage.

We went two up fairly early. Myles's opponent had an off-night and Myles got a very decisive attack early on. Simon's opponent retired sick. Les then went down, to leave the score at 2-1 in our favour.

The remaining two games went the full distance and were both very close. Martin had a very closed game in the French defence, which he only won in a bishops and pawns ending. Stephen's game was very double-edged, but just as his opponent seemed to be getting on top, Stephen found a sequence of moves leading to an unusual mate with a pawn on the edge of the board.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 17th May 2023
Loughton Barking II
1van Tol, Martin1797˝-˝Robinson, James M1874
2Kershaw, Graham J17200-1Naumov, Igor1849
3Collins, Fred16980-1Mathompat, Rajyeshwar1657
4Gudovijus, Kestutis13350-1Chtym, Vladimir1453
5Smith, Michael13041-0Milburn, Noel1415