NCCL Team 2018-19

North Circular League Div 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
12 11 1 0 23

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Tue02-Oct-18AwayEnfield IW 3˝-1˝
Wed07-Nov-18HomeWanstead IIIW 3-2
Wed14-Nov-18HomeChingford IIW 3-2
Wed09-Jan-19HomeBarnet Elizabethans IIW 3˝-1˝
Wed16-Jan-19HomeEnfield IW 3-2
Thu24-Jan-19AwayWanstead IIIW 3-2
Wed20-Feb-19HomeEnfield IIW 3-2
AwayChingford IID 2˝-2˝
Tue02-Apr-19AwayEnfield IIW 3˝-1˝
Wed17-Apr-19HomeBarking II W 3-2
AwayBarking IIW 3˝-1˝
7.45 pm
AwayBarnet Elizabethans IIW 5-d

Match reports

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tue 2nd Oct 2018
Enfield I Loughton
1Olulode, Olu1600-1van Tol, Martin142
2Maher, Matthew1350-1Stiffell, Lyn
3McNish, David125˝-˝Moth, Simon C138
4Newby, Jonathan123˝-˝Groce, Ken131
5Tsentides, Mike103˝-˝Jones, Barry E120

Loughton opened their NCCL campaign with a great away win over Enfield I.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 7th Nov 2018
Loughton Wanstead III
1Faulkner, David J157˝-˝Murrell, Mark RA164
2van Tol, Martin1421-0Bui, Kyan158
3Stiffell, Lyn0-1Barclay, Paul R149
4Kershaw, Graham J1411-0Siddo, Charlton144
5Groce, Ken131˝-˝Smith, David131

Our excellent start to the season (5/5 wins across all of the teams) continued with a close 3-2 victory over a higher graded Wanstead team.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 14th Nov 2018
Loughton Chingford II
1Bowmer, Kevin1851-0Hughes, Gavin James157
2Faulkner, David J157˝-˝Rose, Peter W158
3Kershaw, Graham J1410-1Brady, David A156
4Moth, Simon C138˝-˝Spear, Brian J146
5Groce, Ken1311-0Neogy, A Robbie113

We maintained our excellent start to the season with a victory over last season's division champions.
Simon Guardiola rotated the squad and ...

We have started the season with three wins against the division's top three teams last season.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 9th Jan 2019
Loughton Barnet Elizabethans II
1van Tol, Martin142˝-˝Myers, Philip165
2Stiffell, Lyn136˝-˝Bowie, Brian S133
3Kershaw, Graham J136˝-˝Jones, Michael N121
4Moth, Simon C1391-0Jones, Martin C
5Groce, Ken1321-0Riddoch, Ian A  75

Note - New January grades.

Well done to the three who played two games on consecutive nights.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 16th Jan 2019
Loughton Enfield I
1Faulkner, David J1570-1Olulode, Olu164
2van Tol, Martin142˝-˝Efthymiou, Demetris139
3Stiffell, Lyn136˝-˝McNish, David134
4Moth, Simon C1391-0Kyriacou, Kyriacos123
5Groce, Ken1321-0Gilberg, Paul135

A crucial win as Enfield I had won all their previous matches in this league, except against us.

Wanstead House   Thur 24th Jan 2019
Wanstead III Loughton
1Bui, Kyan165J0-1Bowmer, Kevin189
2Siddo, Charlton145˝-˝Faulkner, David J157
3Collyer, Alex141˝-˝van Tol, Martin142
4McCarron, Peter DJ1351-0Stiffell, Lyn136
5Smith, David1320-1Moth, Simon C139

At the half way point of the season, we have the perfect score of six wins from six matches. All the other teams have lost two or more matches.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 20th Feb 2019
Loughton Enfield II
1Faulkner, David J157˝-˝Gilberg, Paul134
2van Tol, Martin1421-0Kyriacou, Kyriacos123
3Moth, Simon C139˝-˝Athulathmudali, Oshada111
4Kershaw, Graham J1361-0Cole, Phil
5Groce, Ken1320-1Tsentides, Mike101

An up and down match which we were very lucky to win and could easily have lost.

British Legion Club, Chingford    Mon 25th Feb 2019
Chingford II Loughton
1Brady, David A161˝-˝Bowmer, Kevin189
2Hughes, Gavin James1581-0Faulkner, David J157
3Rose, Peter W1520-1van Tol, Martin142
4Oakley, Robin J145˝-˝Moth, Simon C139
5Spear, Brian J142˝-˝Stiffell, Lyn136

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tue 2nd Apr 2019
Enfield II Loughton
1Maher, Matthew1380-1Faulkner, David J157
2McNish, David135˝-˝van Tol, Martin142
3Kyriacou, Kyriacos123˝-˝Moth, Simon C139
4Newby, Jonathan1200-1Kershaw, Graham J136
5Tsentides, Mike101˝-˝Groce, Ken132

Loughton recorded their record 8th NCCL B division win in a season last night and now require only 2 points from their last 3 matches to win the title.

It was a good night for the team with no defeats and we are now within touching distance of winning the league !

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 17th Apr 2019
Loughton Barking II
1Bowmer, Kevin189˝-˝Ramage, Colin R169
2Faulkner, David J1571-0Clow, Kenneth W139
3Van Tol, Martin142˝-˝Polak, Karol
4Kershaw, Graham J1361-0Chtym, Vladimir109
5Stiffell, Lyn1360-1Blagianu, Mihaita  81

Loughton are North Circular Division B champions!! 🏆
We have already won nine matches this season and sealed the championship with two matches to spare.
It was a great night for the club who have not won a league title for a very long time.

St Margaret's Church Centre, Barking    Thur 9th Nov 2019
Barking II Loughton I
1Ramage, Colin R1690-1Bowmer, Kevin189
2Clow, Kenneth W139˝-˝Faulkner, David J157
3Dee, Fault d-1Moth, Simon C130
4Monk, George H120˝-˝Stiffell, Lyn136
5Chtym, Vladimir109˝-˝Smith, Michael  86

Loughton were treated to a bizarre welcome from a gospel choir at Barking on Thursday night! Unfortunately, the Barking venue had also taken a booking for a birthday party on the evening of the match and there was loud music being played throughout. No fault of Barking chess club. They had booked the venue first and well in advance.