Forest Derby


We played an ungraded friendly against our local friends from Chingford as a pre-season warm up.

We were hoping for more boards but suffered from withdrawls, injuries and car problems.

The games were played at the normal league time controls.


British Legion Club, Chingford    Mon 16th Sept 2019
Chingford Loughton
1 Hughes, Gavin James 164 - Bowmer, Kevin 188
2 Brady, David A 158 - Moth, Simon C 157
3 Rose, Peter W 151 - Kershaw, Graham J 130
4 Oakley, Robin J 148 - Stiffell, Lyn 129
5 Vasistha, S - Clarke, Gordon   90

We made the short journey from Loughton to Chingford. One of us walked through the forest !!
A very friendly pre-season friendly. All games drawn.