Essex League 2nd Team

Essex League Division 3

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
12 3 2 7 8

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Day Date Venue Opponents Result
Thu05-Oct-23AwayBarking lll L 1-4
Wed11-Oct-23AwayThurrock l W 3-2
Wed01-Nov-23Home Barking lll   L 2-3
Fri17-Nov-23AwaySouthend ll W 3˝-1˝
Wed06-Dec-23HomeUpminster lll D 2˝-2˝
Tue30-Jan-24AwayWanstead IV L 2-3
Wed14-Feb-24HomeIlford II W 4-1
Wed13-Mar-24HomeWanstead IV L 1-4
Mon15-Apr-24AwayIlford II L 0-5
AwayUpminster III L 1˝-3˝
Wed01-May-24HomeThurrock l L 1˝-3˝
Wed08-May-24HomeSouthend ll D 2˝-2˝


Match reports

St. Margaret’s Church, Barking    Wed 5th Oct 2023
Barking III Loughton II
1Berkley, Stephen W1723˝-˝Moth, Simon C1818
2Figgins, John A1651˝-˝van Tol, Martin1789
3Blagianu, Mihaita16491-0Collins, Fred1686
4Chtym, Vladimir14701-0Smith, Michael1309
5Doe, Jamie 1-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1296

Loughton II had a tough start to the season with a 4-1 defeat to Barking’s 3rdstring.

St Thomas Church Social Club, Grays   Wed 11th Oct 2023
Thurrock l Loughton II
1Wilson, Mathew1671˝-˝Moth, Simon C1818
2Abedin, Farhan15850-1van Tol, Martin1789
3Reynolds, Derek J15370-1Kershaw, Graham J1712
4Sandu, Silviu14911-0Smith, Michael1309
5Whittaker, Len SC1365˝-˝Gudovijus, Kestutis1296

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 1st Nov 2023
Loughton II Barking III
1Moth, Simon C18180-1Mathompat, Rajyeshwar1704
2van Tol, Martin17891-0Buzzeo, Andrew 
3Kershaw, Graham J17121-0Figgins, John A1651
4Smith, Michael13090-1Blagianu, Mihaita1649
5Gudovijus, Kestutis12960-1Chtym, Vladimir1470

Thorpe Bay Bridge Club    Fri 17th Nov 2023
Southend II Loughton II
1Lacey, Nick J17000-1van Tol, Martin1789
2Davis, Joshua15830-1Kershaw, Graham J1712
3Saunders, Michael J16120-1Brunger, Myles1548
4Ruppert, David1575˝-˝Gudovijus, Kestutis1296
5King, David15381-0Smith, Michael1309

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 6th Dec 2023
Loughton II Upminster III
1Moth, Simon C18180-1Attanayake, Rasike1600
2van Tol, Martin1789˝-˝Biggs, Peter1634
3Kershaw, Graham J17121-0Cooper, Geoffrey1578
4Collins, Fred16861-0Smith, Ian P F1500
5Smith, Michael13090-1Fajuyitan, Daniel1400
see Upminster report and pictures.

Wanstead House    Tue 30th Jan 2024
Wanstead IV Loughton II
1Diniz Afonso, Davi17461-0Moth, Simon C1818
2Anjulan, Ashwin15021-0van Tol, Martin1789
3Qureshi, Zain14820-1Kershaw, Graham J1712
4Demetriou, Jay15200-1Collins, Fred1686
5GopiKrishna, Ashwin10211-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1296

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 14th Feb 2024
Loughton II Ilford II
1Collins, Fred16861-0Kent, Anthony R1806
2Brunger, Myles15481-0Asif, Rayyan1687
3Smith, Michael13090-1Undre, Taha1576
4van Tol, Martin17891-dDee, Fault
5Kershaw, Graham J17121-dDee, Fault

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 13th Mar 2024
Loughton II Wanstead IV
1Moth, Simon C18181-0Veselow, Zoe1691
2van Tol, Martin17890-1Diniz Afonso, Davi1746
3Collins, Fred16860-1Anjulan, Ashwin1502
4Gudovijus, Kestutis12960-1GopiKrishna, Ashwin1021
5Smith, Michael13090-1Demetriou, Jay1520

Redbridge Social Centre   Mon 15th Apr 2024
Ilford II Loughton II
1Kent, Anthony R18061-0Moth, Simon C1818
2Jaiswal, Adhar16721-0Morris, Jack1250
3Asif, Rayyan16871-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1296
4Page, Jeffrey16851-0Smith, Michael1309
5Nicosia, Vincenzo16601-dDee, Fault

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 23rd Apr 2024
Upminster III Loughton II
1Attanayake, Rasike 0-1Moth, Simon C1818
2Pereslavtsev, Sergey15901-0van Tol, Martin1789
3Fajuyitan, Daniel ˝-˝Kershaw, Graham J1712
4Biggs, Peter16341-dDee, Fault 
5Smith, Ian P F15001-dDee, Fault 

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 1st May 2024
Loughton II Thurrock I
1Moth, Simon C1818˝-˝Sadhasivam, Mangalaram1661
2Collins, Fred16860-1Gibbons, Brendan 
3Brunger, James12741-0Maguire, Jake 
4Gudovijus, Kestutis12960-1Hooper, David1177
5Smith, Michael13090-1Mangalaram, Mredula1111

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 8th May 2024
Loughton II Southend II
1Moth, Simon C1818˝-˝Davis, Joshua1583
2Kershaw, Graham J1712˝-˝Newton, Colin M1721
3Collins, Fred1686˝-˝Ruppert, David1575
4Brunger, Myles15480-1Pool, Melvin R1645
5Smith, Michael13091-0Chapman, John R1195

Grades are ECF Standard OTB September 2023