Essex League 2nd Team

Essex League Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
10 1 1 8 3

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Initially each team plays all the other teams once.

Day Date Venue Opponents Result
Wed19-Oct-22HomeIlford I L ˝-5˝
Wed26-Oct-22AwayWitham L 1-5
Wed16-Nov-22HomeUpminster II L 1˝-5˝
Thu24-Nov-22AwayBarking II L 2-4
Wed25-Jan-23HomeThurrock I D 3-3
Tue 7-Feb-23AwayBrentwood II W 5-1
Tue14-Feb-23AwayWanstead II L 1˝-4˝

Then, the top four teams will play each other again and the bottom four teams will also play each other again to make a total of ten matches. Home/Away will be reversed.

Day Date Venue Opponents Result
Tue28-Mar-23AwayUpminster II L 1˝-4˝
Wed19-Apr-23HomeBrentwood II L 1˝-4˝
Wed31-May-23HomeWanstead II L ˝-5˝


Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 19th Oct 2022
Loughton II Ilford
1Moth, Simon C1792˝-˝Barton, Tom A1935
2van Tol, Martin17820-1Twitchell, Neville H1965
3Groce, Ken17000-1Subramanian, Venkatesh1801
4Brunger, Myles15230-1Kent, Anthony R1792
5Collins, Fred0-1Page, Jeffrey1644
6Smith, Michael13080-1Schreuder, Biel1419

We got a pasting from Ilford’s 1st team, with only your captain getting a consolation half-point on top board !

see Ilford report and pictures.

Witham Library    Wed 26th Oct 2022
Witham Loughton II
1Coughlan, Stephen19751-0Moth, Simon C1792
2Steele, James D1865˝-˝van Tol, Martin1782
3Barnes, Nathan18291-0Brunger, Myles1523
4Cook, Keith B1661˝-˝Collins, Fred1500
5Stiffell, Lyn15821-0Sargent, Leslie J1351
6White, Simon A15651-0Smith, Michael1308

This was our first ever visit to Witham who have only just joined the Essex league mainly thanks to Loughton old boy Lyn Stiffell who has recently moved to Witham. We were outgraded on all boards so credit to Martin and Fred for getting us on the scoresheet.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 16th Nov 2022
Loughton II Upminster II
1Groce, Ken17000-1Pereslavtsev, Alexandr1722J
2Kershaw, Graham J1683˝-˝Pelling, Nicholas J1699
3Collins, Fred15001-0Biggs, Peter1686
4Sargent, Leslie J13510-1Rahaman, Mustapha1667
5Smith, Michael13080-1Pereslavtsev, Sergey1587
6Gudovijus, Kestutis 0-1Cooper, Geoffrey1612

Thanks to those who played.

St. Margaret’s Church, Barking    Thur 24th Nov 2022
Barking II Loughton II
1Robinson, James M19030-1Malinik, Attila 
2Clow, Ken W18350-1Moth, Simon C1792
3Berkley, Stephen W17611-0Collins, Fred1500
4Figgins, John A16371-0Sargent, Leslie J1351
5Blagianu, Mihaita16261-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1300
6Chtym, Vladimir15131-0Smith, Michael1308

Excellent wins on the top two boards especially by Attila who is new to the club.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 25th Jan 2023
Loughton II Thurrock I
1Moth, Simon C1792˝-˝Woodward, Ian P1805
2van Tol, Martin17820-1Wilson, Mathew1530
3Kershaw, Graham J16831-0Lawrence, Drew1589
4Groce, Ken17001-0Van Litsenborgh, Rudi1550
5Gudovijus, Kestutis13000-1Reynolds, Derek J1499
6Smith, Michael1308˝-˝Crane, Malcolm K1488

Brentwood Baptist Church   Tue 7th Feb 2023
Brentwood II Loughton II
1Kingsley, Malcolm P18501-0Malinik, Attila1900
2Davies, Robert JV17380-1van Tol, Martin1782
3Mason, Michael17500-1Kershaw, Graham J1683
4Wang, Luoke15510-1Collins, Fred1500
5Crossley, Joe18000-1Gudovijus, Kestutis1300
6Ellis, Colin L15150-1Smith, Michael1308

An excellent result especially as we were out graded on average by over 100 points per board.
Our first win of the season!

Wanstead House    Tue 14th Feb 2023
Wanstead II Loughton II
1Hunnable, Ian D19131-0Malinik, Attila1900
2Whitton, Terry D1892˝-˝van Tol, Martin1782
3Staniland, Philip18551-0Kershaw, Graham J1683
4Barclay, Paul R1804˝-˝Collins, Fred1500
5Harte, Ben1726˝-˝Gudovijus, Kestutis1300
6Lataille, Matthias17371-0Smith, Michael1308

A tough match against a strong Wanstead II team who were aiming for a top four finish in this league.

Some good performances against a strong Wanstead team who out graded us on every board.

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 28th Mar 2023
Upminster II Loughton II
1Pereslavtsev, Alexandr1722J1-0Malinik, Attila1774
2Corish, Aidan T1776˝-˝van Tol, Martin1782
3Pelling, Nicholas J16990-1Kershaw, Graham J1683
4Biggs, Peter16861-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1330
5Pereslavtsev, Sergey15871-0Sargent, Leslie J1351
6Smith, Ian P F15041-dDee, Fault 

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 19th Apr 2023
Loughton II Brentwood II
1Moth, Simon C17921-0Adams, Ronald F1929
2van Tol, Martin1782˝-˝Kingsley, Malcolm P1850
3Kershaw, Graham J16830-1Davies, Robert JV1738
4Groce, Ken17000-1Willoughby, Andrew P1734
5Brunger, Myles15230-1Ellis, Colin L1515
6Smith, Michael13080-1Fisher, Russell1438

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 31st May 2023
Loughton II Wanstead II
1van Tol, Martin17820-1Nigrelli, Vittorio1753
2Kershaw, Graham J1683˝-˝Veselow, Zoe1688
3Dee, Fault d-1Diniz Afonso, Davi1141
4Gudovijus, Kestutis13300-1Stamper, Cormac P1482
5Sargent, Leslie J13510-1Demetriou, Jay1477
6Smith, Michael13080-1Mukherjee, Aradhya 

Grades are ECF Standard OTB September 2022