Essex League 2nd Team

Essex League Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
7 1 0 6 2

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed03-Nov-21HomeWanstead II L 0-6
AwayUpminster II L 1-5
Wed09-Feb-22HomeSouthend II W 4-2
Wed23-Mar-22AwayThurrock L 2-4
Wed20-Apr-22HomeBrentwood II L 2-4
Wed27-Apr-22HomeBarking II L 1-5
Mon30-May-22AwayIlford L -5


Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 3rd Nov 2021
Loughton II Wanstead II
1Groce, Ken17130-1Staniland, Philip1851
2Newby, Jonathan15720-1Jones, Keith S1840
3Pintegne, Christopher15030-1Barclay, Paul R1803
4Kershaw, Graham J16750-1Swales, Andrew1765
5Sargent, Leslie J13300-1Rawlings, David J1716
6French, Harvey11800-1Keehner, John R1668

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 18th Jan 2022
Upminster II Loughton II
1Corish, Aidan T17801-0Brunger, Myles     J
2Pelling, Nicholas J17431-0Sargent, Leslie J1330
3Garwood, Matt16000-1Smith, Michael1308
4Gibbons, Simeon11001-0French, Harvey1180
5Rahaman, Mustapha16601-dDee, Fault 
6Cooper, Geoffrey16381-dDee, Fault 

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 9th Feb 2022
Loughton II Southend II
1Moth, Simon C17881-0Newton, Colin M1752
2Groce, Ken17131-0Paul, Dennis B1650
3Brunger, Myles 0-1Lacey, Nick J1675
4Sargent, Leslie J13301-0King, David1300
5Smith, Michael13081-0Chapman, John R1240
6Brunger, James 0-1Hodgson, Danny1300

St Thomas Church Social Club, Grays   Wed 23rd Mar 2022
Thurrock Loughton II
1Arbuckle, Jim A15501-0Kershaw, Graham J1675
2Bradford, Michael D16080-1Brunger, Myles1500
3Reynolds, Derek J15480-1Sargent, Leslie J1330
4Akinyosoye, Banky14581-0Smith, Michael1308
5Abedin, Farhan 9301-0French, Harvey1180
6Smith, Luke11001-0Brunger, James1300

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 20th Apr 2022
Loughton II Brentwood II
1Kershaw, Graham J16750-1Kingsley, Malcolm P1893
2Middleton, Stephen -Willoughby, Andrew P1733
3Demirdelen, Ozan 0-1Davies, Robert JV1713
4Brunger, Myles1500-Ellis, Colin L1495
5Smith, Michael13080-1Fisher, Russell1420
6Sargent, Leslie J13301-dDee, Fault 

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 27th Apr 2022
Loughton II Barking II
1Groce, Ken17130-1Ramage, Colin R1908
2Middleton, Stephen 1-0Clow, Ken W1870
3Demirdelen, Ozan 0-1Berkley, Stephen W1683
4Sargent, Leslie J13300-1Figgins, John A1683
5Smith, Michael13080-1Blagianu, Mihaita1593
6French, Harvey11800-1Chtym, Vladimir1534

Redbridge Social Centre   Mon 30th May 2022
Ilford Loughton II
1Twitchell, Neville H19231-0Groce, Ken1713
2Barton, Tom A1908-Kershaw, Graham J1675
3Ghose, Rahul18501-0Brunger, Myles1500J
4Subramanian, Venkatesh18181-0Sargent, Leslie J1330
5Kent, Anthony R17501-0Smith, Michael1308
6Page, Jeffrey16301-0Brunger, James1300J

A tough match against Ilford's first and only team. A good performance by Graham against a strong opponent.
see Ilford report.

Grades are ECF Standard OTB September 2022