Essex League 2nd Team

Essex League Division 3

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
7 4 0 3 8

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed02-Oct-19HomeUpminster III W 4-2
Wed09-Oct-19AwayThurrock II W 4-2
Wed13-Nov-19HomeThurrock II W 5-
Wed04-Dec-19HomeSouthend II L 2-4
Wed12-Feb-20HomeBarking II L 1-4
Fri28-Feb-20AwaySouthend II W 4-1
Tue10-Mar-20AwayUpminster III L 2-4
AwayBrentwood II Post
AwayBarking II Post
HomeBrentwood II Post



Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 2nd Oct 2019
Loughton II Upminster III
1Moth, Simon C142-Rosenfeld, Paul136
2Kershaw, Graham J1301-0Rahaman, Mustapha136
3Groce, Ken1351-0Biggs, Peter121
4Newby, Jonathan1161-0Estall, Kevin120
5Jones, Barry E112-Hannaford, Jamie120
6Smith, Michael  860-1Cooper, Geoffrey116

St Thomas Church Social Club, Grays   Wed 9th Oct 2019
Thurrock II Loughton II
1Sandu, Silviu 0-1Kershaw, Graham J142
2Akinyosoye, Banky 0-1Groce, Ken135
3Whittaker, Len SC  891-0Pintegne, Chris
4Smith, Robin C  860-1Jones, Barry E112
5Crosley, Steve   751-0Smith, Michael  86
6Coseru, Matei   37J0-1French, Harvey  67

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 13th Nov 2019
Loughton II Thurrock II
1 Kershaw, Graham J 130 1-0 Sealey, Frank A 100
2 Groce, Ken 135 1-0Hazell, Alan 100
3 Newby, Jonathan 116 -Whittaker, Len S C   89
4 Pintegne, Chris 1-0 Akinyosoye, Banky
5 Clarke, Gordon   90 1-0 Sandu, Silviu
6 French, Harvey   67 1-d Dee, Fault

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 4th Dec 2019
Loughton II Southend II
1Kershaw, Graham J130-Newton, Colin M146
2Groce, Ken1350-1Saunders, Michael J146
3Newby, Jonathan1160-1Whitefield, Fred R129
4Pintegne, Chris-Chapman, John R  70
5French, Harvey  670-1Courtenay, James I  67
6Smith, Michael  861-dDee, Fault

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 12th Feb 2020
Loughton II Barking II
1Moth, Simon C145-Ramage, Colin R161
2Groce, Ken1360-1Clow, Kenneth W147
3Pintegne, Christopher 0-1Oakley, Robin J142
4Newby, Jonathan114-Figgins, John A133
5Jones, Barry E113-Berkley, Stephen W121
6Clarke, Gordon  920-1Chtym, Vladimir108

Thorpe Bay Bridge Club    Fri 28th Feb 2020
Southend II Loughton II
1Davis-Loades, Alex143-Moth, Simon C145
2Saunders, Michael J1420-1Groce, Ken136
3Evans, James1380-1Kershaw, Graham J131
4Haggerty, Steve J1120-1Pintegne, Chris
5Wray, Christopher  911-0Jones, Barry E113
6Pithers, Stuart A  510-1Clarke, Gordon  92

An excellent result.

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 10th Mar 2020
Upminster III Loughton II
1Pelling, Nicholas J1371-0Groce, Ken136
2Rahaman, Mustapha132-Kershaw, Graham J131
3Cooper, Geoff124-Pintegne, Chris
4Hannaford, Jamie1190-1Jones, Barry E113
5Johal, Satnam S1141-0Clarke, Gordon  92
6Estall, Kevin1111-0French, Harvey  65

At a meeting of the Essex league teams, it was decided to abandon the remainder of the 2019-20 season.
As current joint leaders, Southend II and Barking II were awarded the 3rd division trophy. 🏆
Congratulations to them.