Essex League 1st Team

Essex League Division 1

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
10 5 1 4 11

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Initially each team plays all the other teams once.

Day Date Venue Opponents Result
Tue27-Sep-22AwayUpminster I W 4˝-3˝
Tue 1-Nov-22AwayBrentwood I L 1-7
Wed23-Nov-22HomeBasildon W 5˝-2˝
Wed18-Jan-23HomeWanstead I D 4-4
Wed 1-Feb-23HomeSouthend I W 5-3
Thu 9-Feb-23AwayBarking I L 2˝-5˝
Wed22-Feb-22HomeWrittle L 3˝-4˝

Then, the top four teams will play each other again and the bottom four teams will also play each other again to make a total of ten matches. Home/Away will be reversed.

Day Date Venue Opponents Result
Fri24-Mar-23AwaySouthend I W 5-3
Wed 3-May-23HomeUpminster I W 4˝-3˝
Thu11-May-23AwayBasildon L 3-5



Match reports

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 27th Sep 2022
Upminster I Loughton I
1Davenport, John2002˝-˝Bowmer, Kevin2061
2McCall, Martin19581-0Stirling, William J2041
3Robertson, Andrew E18680-1Middleton, Stephen1948
4Crane, Leslie J18630-1Horan, George1879
5Corish, Aidan T17761-0van Tol, Martin1782
6Pereslavtsev, Alexandr 1722J˝-˝Moth, Simon C1792
7Pereslavtsev, Sergey1587˝-˝Kershaw, Graham J1683
8Murphy, William15390-1Brunger, Myles1523J

An excellent start to the season thanks to early wins by Stephen, George and Myles. Bill made an unsound piece sacrifice while Kevin drew. However, we had three difficult positions in the remaining games. Martin lost but Graham held on for a draw. In the last game to finish, Simon's opponent had a winning position but then lost a piece. An ending of Kt+B+P vs. R+P was reached but Simon defended well to draw and win us the match.

see Upminster report and pictures.

Brentwood Baptist Church   Tue 1st Nov 2022
Brentwood I Loughton I
1Haydon, David L23611-0Bowmer, Kevin2061
2Bowden, Karl21881-0Stirling, William J2041
3Adams, Ronald F19291-0Middleton, Stephen1948
4Castellanos Palop, Davis19001-0Horan, George1879
5Kingsley, Malcolm P1850˝-˝van Tol, Martin1782
6Davies, Robert JV1738˝-˝Moth, Simon C1792
7Willoughby, Andrew P17341-0Kershaw, Graham J1683
8Willoughby, Christopher 1731J1-0Brunger, Myles1523J

We had a heavy defeat at Brentwood who are currently one of the strongest teams in Essex.
It wasn't Brentwood's strongest line-up, but they still out-graded Loughton across the team, and fielded FMs on the top two boards. Although we were well beaten, our side might feel it deserved a bit better than just a point for its efforts.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 23rd Nov 2022
Loughton I Basildon
1Eames, Robert S2214˝-˝Baptie, Justin P2160
2Bowmer, Kevin20611-0Somogyi, Tamas2035
3Stirling, William J2041˝-˝Kraszewski, David2009
4Middleton, Stephen19481-0Gedvilas, Arunas1888
5Horan, George18791-0Savin, Paul A1880
6Malinik, Attila 0-1Laundy, Peter R1840
7Faulkner, David J1853˝-˝Siddharth, Lakshan1724
8van Tol, Martin17821-0Higgins, Steve1769

An excellent victory over a strong Basildon team who finished 3rd in last year's Essex league division one.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 18th Jan 2023
Loughton I Wanstead I
1Bowmer, Kevin20610-1Hodgson, John H2152
2Stirling, William J20411-0Spearman, David2073
3Middleton, Stephen19480-1Cawdery, John2068
4Horan, George18791-0Freeman, Ashley2000
5Malinik, Attila19000-1Rix, Steven JL2033
6Faulkner, David J18531-0Whitton, Terry D1892
7Moth, Simon C17920-1Hunnable, Ian D1913
8Kershaw, Graham J16831-0Murrell, Mark R A1908

White 0 Black 8
Amazingly, every single game was won by the player with the Black pieces !
An excellent result against a team out grading us on every board and aiming to win the Essex league division one.
Actually we were very close to winning the match as Wanstead won two tricky endings to equalise the match.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 1st Feb 2023
Loughton I Southend I
1Bowmer, Kevin20611-0Sutherland, Neil A2014
2Stirling, William J2041˝-˝Grist, Howard2015
3Horan, George18790-1Wedlock, Stephen L1916
4Malinik, Attila1900˝-˝Paul, Dennis B1729
5Faulkner, David J1853˝-˝Newton, Colin M1719
6Moth, Simon C17921-0Saunders, Michael J1692
7van Tol, Martin17821-0Whitefield, Fred R1663
8Kershaw, Graham J1683˝-˝Lacey, Nick J1672

A good win as Southend had good results against Brentwood and Barking in their two previous matches.
Simon clinched the match winning a rook and pawn ending after earlier wins by Kevin and Martin.

St. Margaret’s Church, Barking    Thu 9th Feb 2022
Barking I Loughton I
1Sands, David A2246˝-˝Bowmer, Kevin2061
2Goldberg, Jeff A21361-0Stirling, William J2041
3Ismailov, Roman20311-0Middleton, Stephen1948
4Ponulak, Czeslaw (Sebastian)19601-0Malinik, Attila1900
5Robinson, James M1903˝-˝Faulkner, David J1853
6Figueroa, Edison1890˝-˝Moth, Simon C1792
7Ramage, Colin R19001-0van Tol, Martin1782
8Clow, Ken W18350-1Kershaw, Graham J1683

A tough match against the pre covid 2019-20 league champions.
Captain Graham had a good win. Kevin, Dave and Simon all drew against higher rated opponents.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 22nd Feb 2023
Loughton I Writtle
1Bowmer, Kevin20610-1White, Russell P2155
2Stirling, William J2041˝-˝Myall, Ivan J1994
3Middleton, Stephen19480-1Williamson, Paul L1968
4Malinik, Attila19001-0Moore, John C1970
5Faulkner, David J1853˝-˝Millward, David J1985
6Moth, Simon C17920-1Killeen, Robert T1922
7van Tol, Martin1782˝-˝Morgan, Ian P1785
8Kershaw, Graham J16831-0Forrester, Andrew1676

We were very close to taking the first match point of the season off league leaders Writtle who had won all five of their previous matches this season. There were excellent wins by Attila who played his best game for the club and Graham. In the final game to finish, Martin played well to achieve a winning position and was on the verge of equalising the match when low on time he blundered. Writtle maintained (just!) their winning run.

Thorpe Bay Bridge Club   Fri 24th Mar 2023
Southend I Loughton I
1Grist, Howard2015˝-˝Bowmer, Kevin2061
2Wedlock, Stephen L19160-1Stirling, William J2041
3Newton, Colin M17190-1Middleton, Stephen1948
4Paul, Dennis B17290-1Horan, George1879
5Saunders, Michael J16921-0Malinik, Attila1774
6Lacey, Nick J1672˝-˝van Tol, Martin1782
7Davis, Joshua14931-0Kershaw, Graham J1683
8King, David14610-1Gudovijus, Kestutis1330

Kestutis won quickly in his first game for the first team.
Martin had lots of piece exchanges and got into a repeated move sequence while Kevin also drew early.
We clinched the match with a sequence of good wins by Bill, George & Stephen who won a nice knight and pawn ending.
Attila's game was the last to finish and very interesting. He sacrificed an exchange for an excellent attack. It looked as though he would land the knockout blow at any moment, but he got short on time. His opponent held on and won the ending.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 3rd May 2023
Loughton I Upminster I
1Bowmer, Kevin20611-0Davenport, John2002
2Stirling, William J2041˝-˝Robertson, Andrew E1868
3Middleton, Stephen19480-1Pereslavtsev, Alexandr1722J
4Faulkner, David J1853˝-˝Crane, Leslie J1863
5van Tol, Martin17821-0Corish, Aidan T1776
6Kershaw, Graham J16831-0Biggs, Peter1686
7Brunger, Myles 1523J˝-˝Rahaman, Mustapha1667
8Gudovijus, Kestutis13300-1Pereslavtsev, Sergey1587

Martin won us the match, winning on time, when the exchange up. Graham and Kevin had earlier wins.
Upminster's wins were by father and son !
see Upminster report and pictures.

Papworth Trust Centre, Basildon    Thu 11th May 2023
Basildon Loughton I
1Baptie, Justin P2160˝-˝Stirling, William J2041
2Kraszewski, David20090-1Middleton, Stephen1948
3Bara, V Radu19590-1Faulkner, David J1853
4Reynolds, D Ian W1953˝-˝van Tol, Martin1782
5Gedvilas, Arunas18881-0Kershaw, Graham J1683
6Laundy, Peter R18401-0Collins, Fred1703
7Higgins, Steve17691-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1330
8Mane, Mandar12981-0Smith, Michael1308

Despite missing several regular players, we looked on course for a good result at Basildon. However, we stumbled at the end and were defeated in the final league game of the season. An excellent performance by the top boards with good wins by Stephen and David and solid draws for Bill and Martin. Kestitus was a piece up and winning but lost on time. Also Fred looked as though he had at least a draw.

Grades are ECF Standard OTB September 2022