Essex League 1st Team

Essex League Division 1

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
7 2 0 5 4

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed24-Nov-21HomeBarking I L 1-7
Wed08-Dec-21HomeUpminster I W 6-2
Wed16-Feb-22AwayWrittle L ˝-7˝
Wed16-Mar-22HomeBrentwood W 5-3
Fri01-Apr-22AwaySouthend I L d-8
Thu28-Apr-22AwayBasildon L ˝-7˝
Tue11-May-22AwayWanstead I L 3-5



Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 24th Nov 2021
Loughton I Barking I
1Bowmer, Kevin2013˝-˝Sands, David A2245
2Stirling, William J20430-1Goldberg, Jeff A2110
3Faulkner, David J18930-1Jaszkiwskyj, Peter1990
4Moth, Simon C17880-1Robinson, James M1953
5van Tol, Martin17800-1Figueroa, Edison1906
6Spear, Brian J1773˝-˝Ramage, Colin R1908
7Groce, Ken17130-1Clow, Ken W1870
8Brunger, Myles      J0-1Blagianu, Mihaita1593

We welcomed the reigning champions for our first Essex league division one match in anyone’s memory. We were hampered by two late withdrawals due to illness, but this did not affect the match result. We were well beaten. Credit to Kevin and Brian for getting us on the scoreboard and to Myles for his first game for the club.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 8th Dec 2021
Loughton I Upminster I
1Stirling, William J2043˝-˝Davenport, John1975
2Faulkner, David J1893˝-˝McCall, Martin1915
3Moth, Simon C1788˝-˝Robertson, Andrew E1878
4van Tol, Martin1780˝-˝Crane, Leslie J1855
5Spear, Brian J17731-0Corish, Aidan T1780
6Kershaw, Graham J16751-0Biggs, Peter1690
7Groce, Ken17131-0Garwood, Matt1600
8Brunger, Myles      J1-0Pereslavtsev, Alexandr1200J

After a difficult start to the season, this was a very positive match for us. Oddly, that came with draws on the four top boards, and wins on the four lower boards. A good result, when you consider that we were lacking our two top boards, and Upminster had a slight grading advantage, mainly on boards 3-5. We were slightly higher-graded only on board 1.
On individual games, it was very pleasing to see Myles get his first win, in a game between two juniors. He seemed to be in control throughout.

Writtle Library    Wed 16th Feb 2022
Writtle Loughton I
1White, Russell P21851-0Bowmer, Kevin2013
2Wilson, Edgar19531-0Faulkner, David J1893
3Moore, John C20131-0Moth, Simon C1788
4Chilvers, Kerry M1923˝-˝van Tol, Martin1780
5Bowden, Madison B18091-0Kershaw, Graham J1675
6Forrester, Andrew16831-dDee, Fault 
7Killeen, Robert T19151-0Brunger, Myles1500J
8Thomson, Philip M17501-dDee, Fault 

We had difficulties raising a team as some players had understandable covid and health concerns but we were well beaten by the 2017-18 Essex Champions. Martin drew. Graham could have won, but made a mistake late on in a sharp game. Simon also came close to drawing. Myles put up a fight too.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 16th Mar 2022
Loughton I Brentwood I
1Eames, Robert S2268˝-˝Bowden, Karl2350
2Bowmer, Kevin2013˝-˝Hughes, Gavin James2013
3Stirling, William J2043˝-˝Adams, Ronald F1893
4Moth, Simon C1788˝-˝Kingsley, Malcolm P1893
5Groce, Ken17130-1Gamal, Alaa1878
6Kershaw, Graham J16751-0Willoughby, Andrew P1733
7Middleton, Stephen 1-0Davies, Robert JV1713
8Brunger, Myles1500J1-0Ellis, Colin L1495

An excellent performance especially by our two new lower boards.

Papworth Trust Centre, Basildon    Thu 28th Apr 2022
Basildon Loughton I
1Baptie, Justin P21851-0Moth, Simon C1788
2Somogyi, Tamas2095˝-˝van Tol, Martin1780
3Kraszewski, David19601-0Kershaw, Graham J1675
4Reynolds, D Ian W19151-0Middleton, Stephen 
5Gedvilas, Arunas18331-0Stiffell, Lyn1555
6Clarke, Sean A19001-dDee, Fault 
7Reid, Allan17131-dDee, Fault 
8Laundy, Peter R17951-dDee, Fault 

Wanstead House    Tue 17th May 2022
Wanstead I Loughton I
1Cawdery, John20950-1Bowmer, Kevin2013
2Rix, Steven JL20280-1Stirling, William J2043
3Freeman, Ashley19981-0van Tol, Martin1780
4Hunnable, Ian D19760-1Middleton, Stephen 
5Whitton, Terry D19241-0Demirdelen, Ozan 
6  1-dDee, Fault 
7  1-dDee, Fault 
8  1-dDee, Fault 

A good performance. We actually won on games played against one of the top Essex teams. Stephen had an excellent win against a very experienced opponent.

Grades are ECF Standard OTB September 2021