Essex League 1st Team

Essex League Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
7 2 1 4 5

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed30-Oct-19HomeIlford W 7-1
Fri29-Nov-19AwaySouthend I L 2-6
Wed11-Dec-19HomeSouthend I L 3-4
Mon20-Jan-20AwayIlford D 4-4
Wed29-Jan-20HomeThurrock I W 8-d
Wed05-Feb-20HomeUpminster II L 2-5
Wed19-Feb-20HomeWanstead III L 3-5
AwayUpminster II Post
AwayThurrock I Post
AwayWanstead III Post



Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 30th Oct 2019
Loughton I Ilford
1Eames, Robert S2061-0Barton, Tom A162
2Bowmer, Kevin188-Twitchell, Neville H166
3Stirling, William J1821-0Kalinsky, Syd M141
4Faulkner, David J1551-0Subramanian, Venkatesh
5van Tol, Martin1471-0Page, Jeffrey128
6Spear, Brian J141-Undre, Taha
7Moth, Simon C1421-dDee, Fault
8Groce, Ken1351-dDee, Fault

A convincing start to the season. However, the margin of victory was harsh on our visitors. Ilford started off at a big disadvantage defaulting two boards but all the remaining games were well fought and included one win on time for us in an unclear position.

Thorpe Bay Bridge Club    Fri 29th Nov 2019
Southend I Loughton I
1Sutherland, Neil A1750-1Bowmer, Kevin188
2Grist, Howard171-Stirling, William J182
3Corfield, Julian E1731-dFaulkner, David J155
4Wedlock, Stephen L1611-0Van Tol, Martin147
5Davis-Loades, Alex -Moth, Simon C142
6Saunders, Michael J1461-0Stiffell, Lyn 129
7Newton, Colin M1461-0Groce, Ken135
8Styles, Luke M1561-0Pintegne, Chris

It really was a Black Friday.

Southend won all the other games and fully deserved their win.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 11th Dec 2019
Loughton I Southend I
1Bowmer, Kevin188-Sutherland, Neil A175
2Stirling, William J1821-0Grist, Howard171
3Faulkner, David J155-Wedlock, Stephen L161
4Van Tol, Martin147-Corfield, Julian E173
5Moth, Simon C1420-1Styles, Luke M156
6Kershaw, Graham J1300-1Newton, Colin M146
7Stiffell, Lyn129-Lacey, Nick132
8Groce, Ken135-Whitefield, Fred R129

A disappointing result. Kevin, Martin and Ken all had good positions but failed to convert. Bill was our only winner. One curiosity was that queens were exchanged early on every single board.

Redbridge Social Centre   Mon 20th Jan 2020
Ilford Loughton I
1Twitchell, Neville H1660-1Bowmer, Kevin182
2Kent, Anthony R149-Stirling, William J183
3Kalinsky, Syd M136-Faulkner, David J160
4Subramanian, Venkatesh 1421-0van Tol, Martin145
5Klimach, Jason W145-Moth, Simon C145
6Page, Jeffrey1230-1Groce, Ken136
7Ainkaran, Lavanan  133J1-0Kershaw, Graham J131
8Undre, Taha 102-Stiffell, Lyn125

Having spent our Monday evening amongst the delightful cobbled streets and thatched roofs of Ilford, here's a quick report on our latest first-team escapade. We drew the match. Although Ilford put out a stronger team at home than they do away, we had a grading advantage for this match. So maybe a draw wasn't quite what we were aiming for, and we only just got that.

And before we knew it, we were 4-2 down with just Ken and Kevin left to finish. Lucky for us, two players who are having quite a good season so far ... but we needed both to win.

Match drawn. Our blushes saved. Phew.

see Ilford report and pictures.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 29th Jan 2020
Loughton I Thurrock I

Thurrock had difficulties raising a team and conceded the match in advance.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 5th Feb 2020
Loughton I Upminster II
1Bowmer, Kevin1820-1Kelsey, Stephen J169
2Stirling, William J1831-0Crane, Leslie J155
3Faulkner, David J160-Iannetta, Robert154
4Moth, Simon C1450-1Corish, Aidan T141
5Spear, Brian J139-Abbott, Stephen J144
6Groce, Ken1360-1Foley, Phil T136
7Kershaw, Graham J1310-1Biggs, Peter122
8Stiffell, Lyn125-Estall, Kevin111

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 19th Feb 2020
Loughton I Wanstead III
1Stirling, William J1830-1Murrell, Mark R A156
2Faulkner, David J160-Jones, Keith S141
3Van Tol, Martin145-Barclay, Paul R152
4Moth, Simon C145-Rawlings, David J139
5Groce, Ken136-Siddo, Charlton143
6Kershaw, Graham J131-Swales, Andrew140
7Stiffell, Lyn1250-1Harte, Ben143
8Pintegne, Chris-Smith, David129

Two quite closely matched teams ... we had higher grades on higher boards, they had higher grades on lower boards. In the middle we were about equal.

  1. Bill (white, Dutch Defence). Bill had a good attack going and managed to force exchange of his opponent's queen for his rook and knight. He was better coordinated than his opponent too. However, a late blunder cost him the game. It's a cruel game and we've all done it. 0-1

  2. Dave (black, Alekhine's Defence). Dave pushed well and got a pawn up. He got himself into a better position but ended up very strongly down on time. In the circumstances taking a draw was probably the correct thing. Draw.

  3. Martin (white, Scandinavian Defence). An opening Martin knows how to play safely against, but not how to get an advantage from it. The game saw a strong exchange of pieces, emerging into a position with each player having two rooks, opposite-coloured bishops and lots of pawns. One small pawn weakness each. Back to the drawing board to work out what to do against this opening. Draw.

  4. Simon (black, Bird's Opening (1. f4). Not a common opening. White got a knight and bishop almost behind the lines and put Simon in an uncomfortable position. Simon proved he's difficult to break down. Draw.

  5. Ken (white, English Opening). Probably the most interesting game of the evening. Ken occupied space in the centre in a closed game. He got a pawn up, although his opponent had a central passed pawn which he managed to push the seventh rank. Somehow this game ended up with Ken's two pawns versus rook. Ken got his two pawns to the seventh rank, but his opponent found just the correct move every time. Draw.

  6. Graham (black, French Defence). A very tight closed game, in which the opponent got a pair of aggressive penetrating knights. Don't remember much from this one, but it ended up as a draw.

  7. Lyn (white, opening unknown). Lyn ended up sharply down on time. His opponent managed to manufacture an attack on Lyn's castled king, which forced the king to go for a walk in the middle of the board. 0-1

  8. Chris (black, Sicilian Accelerated Dragon). Chris played this very well and got a pawn up early on. He went into a rooks and pawns endgame with a pawn advantage, better position and big time advantage, but slipped and emerged a pawn down. However, the time advantage was so great that his opponent eventually conceded a draw.

At a meeting of the Essex league teams, it was decided to abandon the remainder of the 2019-20 season.
As clear leaders, Southend I were awarded the 2nd division trophy. 🏆
Congratulations to them.