Essex League 1st Team

Essex League Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
10 4 4 2 12

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Thu1-Nov-18AwayBarking II W 6-2
Wed21-Nov-18HomeIlford L 3˝-4˝
Wed5-Dec-18HomeWanstead III D 4-4
AwayUpminster IID 4-4
Wed2-Jan-19HomeUpminster II D 4-4
Thu7-Mar-19AwayWanstead III D 4-4
Wed13-Mar-19HomeBarking II W 5-3
Tue23-Apr-19AwayBrentwood L 1˝-6˝
Mon20-May-19AwayIlford W 4˝-3˝
Wed29-May-19HomeBrentwood W 4˝-3˝



Match reports

St Margaret's Church Centre, Barking    Thur 1st Nov 2018
Barking II Loughton I
1Ramage, Colin R1720-1Bowmer, Kevin185
2Barr, Steven G1530-1Stirling, William J184
3Wickham, Michael149˝-˝Kershaw, Graham J141
4Clow, Kenneth W145˝-˝van Tol, Martin142
5Berkley, Stephen W 0-1Stiffell, Lyn
6Ansari, Gholamreza134˝-˝Moth, Simon C138
7Blagianu, Mihaita 0-1Groce, Ken131
8Chtym, Vladimir112˝-˝Jones, Barry E120

Loughton opened their campaign with an excellent 6-2 away win over Barking II at their much improved new venue. The hosts paid us the compliment of fielding their strongest side this year.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 21st Nov 2018
Loughton I Ilford
1Bowmer, Kevin185˝-˝Twitchell, Neville H174
2Stirling, William J184˝-˝Barton, Tom A166
3Faulkner, David J1570-1Kent, Anthony R151
4Kershaw, Graham J141˝-˝Kalinsky, Syd M141
5Van Tol, Martin142˝-˝Gesthuysen, Malcolm139
6Stiffell, Lyn0-1Page, Jeffrey139
7Moth, Simon C138˝-˝Tutu, Marshall  94
8Groce, Ken1311-0Pakovlevas, Aleksandras

Prior to this match, we had six consecutive Essex league wins against Ilford. With a grading advantage on almost all boards, what could go wrong ?
It did and ended our sequence of six wins across all teams this seaon.
Congraulations to Ilford on an excellent result.

see Ilford report.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 5th Dec 2018
Loughton I Wanstead III
1Bowmer, Kevin1851-0Jones, Keith S151
2Stirling, William J184˝-˝Burtt, Laurie J147
3Kershaw, Graham J141˝-˝Siddo, Charlton144
4Van Tol, Martin1420-1Collyer, Alex143
5Stiffell, Lyn˝-˝Keehner, John R137
6Moth, Simon C138˝-˝Nickals, Peter A131
7Groce, Ken1311-0Smith, David131
8Jones, Barry E1200-1Mulay, Tejas114J

Early wins for Ken and Kevin, together with draws for Graham and Lyn and a perpetual in Bill's game gave us a good start. However, after two defeats it all came down to Simon's game. Simon was close to winning, but Peter defended well for a drawn game and match.

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 11th Dec 2018
Upminster II Loughton I
1Corish, Aidan T1560-1Bowmer, Kevin185
2Crane, Leslie J1560-1Stirling, William J184
3Iannetta, Robert153˝-˝Faulkner, David J157
4Abbott, Stephen J140˝-˝Kershaw, Graham J141
5Rahaman, Mustapha139˝-˝Van Tol, Martin142
6Kelsey, Stephen J1-0Stiffell, Lyn
7Rosenfeld, Paul134˝-˝Moth, Simon C138
8Biggs, Peter1301-0Groce, Ken131

A lucky escape and our third consecutive 4-4 draw against Upminster II.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 2nd Jan 2019
Loughton I Upminster II
1Bowmer, Kevin1891-0Crane, Leslie J157
2Stirling, William J182˝-˝Corish, Aidan T151
3Faulkner, David J157˝-˝Iannetta, Robert156
4Spear, Brian J1420-1Abbott, Stephen J141
5Kershaw, Graham J1360-1Kelsey, Stephen J174
6Stiffell, Lyn136˝-˝Rahaman, Mustapha140
7Moth, Simon C139˝-˝Rosenfeld, Paul134
8Groce, Ken1321-0Biggs, Peter124

Note - New January grades.

A very close exciting match as always against Upminster II.

Our third consecutive Essex league 4-4 draw and our fourth consecutive 4-4 draw against Upminster II.

Wanstead House   Thur 8th Mar 2019
Wanstead III Loughton I
1Barclay, Paul R149˝-˝Bowmer, Kevin189
2Jones, Keith S1500-1Stirling, William J182
3Collyer, Alex141˝-˝Faulkner, David J157
4Lu, Andy W H1431-0Van Tol, Martin142
5Rawlings, David J1450-1Spear, Brian J142
6Nickals, Peter A1391-0Kershaw, Graham J136
7McCarron, Peter D J135˝-˝Moth, Simon C139
8Smith, David132˝-˝Stiffell, Lyn136

Bill had a good win but after we lost two games, Brian equalised the match by converting a rook and pawn ending two pawns up.

What are the odds of four consecutive 1st team 4-4 draws ??

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 13th Mar 2019
Loughton I Barking II
1Bowmer, Kevin189˝-˝Ramage, Colin R169
2Stirling, William J182˝-˝Wickham, Michael148
3Faulkner, David J157˝-˝Clow, Kenneth W139
4Van Tol, Martin142˝-˝Ansari, Gholamreza141
5Moth, Simon C139˝-˝Figgins, John A132
6Kershaw, Graham J136˝-˝Monk, George H120
7Stiffell, Lyn1361-0Chtym, Vladimir109
8Groce, Ken1321-0Blagianu, Mihaita  81

At last, the run of 4-4 draws was ended.

Brentwood Baptist Church   Tue 23rd Apr 2019
Brentwood Loughton I
1Haydon, David L2321-0Bowmer, Kevin189
2Coote, Trevor D1840-1Stirling, William J182
3Adams, Ronald F165˝-˝Faulkner, David J157
4Kingsley, Malcolm P1611-0Van Tol, Martin142
5Hughes, Gavin J1581-0Moth, Simon C139
6Weaver, Timothy1531-0Kershaw, Graham J136
7Johnson, Roderick S1391-0Stiffell, Lyn136
8Davies, Robert J V1291-0Jones, Barry E117

League leaders Brentwood fielded their strongest team in recent history and won easily. Our only bright spot was Bill's victory with a heavy pieces attack.

Redbridge Social Centre   Mon 20th May 2019
Ilford Loughton I
1Barton, Tom A1660-1Eames, Robert S206
2Twitchell, Neville H1680-1Bowmer, Kevin189
3Mugalu, Hassan1660-1Stirling, William J182
4Kent, Anthony R1531-0Faulkner, David J157
5Klimach, Jason W135˝-˝Kershaw, Graham J136
6Kalinsky, Syd M138˝-˝Stiffell, Lyn136
7Page, Jeffrey1321-0Jones, Barry E117
8Subramanian, Venkatesh  120e˝-˝Smith, Michael  86

While Martin and Simon were away on holiday ...

see Ilford report.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 29th May 2019
Loughton I Brentwood
1Bowmer, Kevin189˝-˝Kingsley, Malcolm P161
2Stirling, William J1821-0Adams, Ronald F165
3Faulkner, David J1570-1Hughes, Gavin J158
4Moth, Simon C139˝-˝McGee, Aidan F138
5Kershaw, Graham J1360-1Davies, Robert J V129
6Stiffell, Lyn1361-0Phillips, Chris C106
7Newby, Jonathan1201-0D'Cruz, David  86
8Jones, Barry E117˝-˝Ellis, Colin  99

Bill and Jonathan both won. The latter after having a drawn offer turned down.
Lyn was last to finish. He achieved a bind, won a piece but lost a little coordination. He then won with a king side attack and won us the match.

Congratulations to Brentwood who had already won the league. We finished second.

Season Review

The Team started with an encouraging win away to Barking ll, but then we had a disappointing close defeat to Ilford. There followed four draws home & away to Wanstead lll & Upminster ll. We got back on track with another victory over Barking ll . This meant we lined against title favourites Brentwood with a chance of winning the division if we could beat them. They had suffered a couple of losses so there was some hope as we travelled to Brentwood. However, they fielded by far their strongest team of the season which resulted in a convincing win for them. The last two matches turned out to both be close wins against Ilford & Brentwood where we got our revenge on home soil. This meant we clinched 2nd place in the League with 12 points, 1 point behind Brentwood.
Thanks to everyone who played.

Top of the averages was Ken with 83% closely followed by Bill with 80%.

Player Games Win Draw Loss Score %
Groce, Ken 6 5 0 1 5    83%
Stirling, William J 10   6 4 0 8    80%
Bowmer, Kevin 10   5 4 1 7    70%
Stiffell, Lyn 10   3 4 3 5    50%
Moth, Simon C 9 0 8 1 4    44%
Faulkner, David J 8 0 5 3 31%
Kershaw, Graham J 10   0 6 4 3    30%
van Tol, Martin 7 0 4 3 2    29%
Jones, Barry E 5 0 2 3 1   20%
Eames, Robert S 1 1 0 0 1   
Spear, Brian J 2 1 0 1 1   
Newby, Jonathan 1 1 0 0 1   
Smith, Michael 1 0 1 0  ˝
Total 80   22   38   20   41      51%
  Matches   Points Position
Team 10   4 4 2 12   2nd/6

Player of the Season   -   Ken