Finchley Cup Rapidplay

Knockout 2022-23

The Finchley Cup is a knock-out competition played over a minimum of four boards.
Each match shall be played over two rounds, with the second round reversing the colours.
The rate of play for each game is all moves in thirty minutes.

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Thu 1-Dec-22AwayWanstead III  W 7˝-6˝
Wed 5-Apr-23HomeWanstead II   L 2˝-5˝

Preliminary round

Loughton has a bye.

Semi Final

Wanstead House    Thu 1st Dec 2022
Wanstead III R1 R2 Loughton
1Staniland, Philip1898(B,W)0-11-0Middleton, Stephen1789(W,B)
2Barclay, Paul R17701-0˝-˝van Tol, Martin1763
3Lataille, Matthias16560-10-1Moth, Simon C1750
4Wilson, Michael GA1623˝-˝˝-˝Kershaw, Graham J1735
5Sharman, Jay15850-10-1Faulkner, David J1728
6Smith, David15171-0˝-˝Collins, Fred1641
7Anjulan, Ashwin  1455J˝-˝1-0Gudovijus, Kestutis1066
3-4 3˝-3˝

Forget the World Cup, Loughton won a thrilling Finchley Cup semi-final last night ! We won 7˝-6˝ and the match went down to the final game.

Loughton won the first half of the match 4-3 with good white wins from Stephen, Simon and Dave. Kestutis did well to score his first half-point for the club against a promising junior.

The second half of the match was very tense. Loughton surged into the lead with wins again from Simon and Dave, followed by solid draws from Martin and Graham. But Wanstead then clawed their way back into the match with wins against Stephen and Kestutis. This left Fred’s game with Loughton still holding a one point lead.

But Fred was in trouble, with a Rook against his opponent’s three connected pawns. His opponent should have won to level the match (Although I think we would have won on board count!), but the pawns were marched ahead too quickly and Fred managed to escape with a draw. This was much more exciting than the conclusion of Group E in the World Cup !

So Loughton won 7˝-6˝ and we face … Wanstead II in the final at home !


Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 5th Apr 2023
Loughton R1 R2 Wanstead II
1Moth, Simon C1765(W,B)˝-˝0-1Staniland, Philip1894(B,W)
2Kershaw, Graham J17290-10-1Murrell, Mark R A1898
3Collins, Fred14531-01-0Barclay, Paul R1780
4Gudovijus, Kestutis11530-10-1Nigrelli, Vittorio1626
1˝-2˝ 1-3