Finchley Cup Rapidplay

Knockout 2021-22

The Finchley Cup is a knock-out competition played over a minimum of four boards.
Each match shall be played over two rounds, with the second round reversing the colours.
The rate of play for each game is all moves in thirty minutes.

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed 15-Jun-22 HomeBarking II L 2-6

Preliminary round

Loughton has a bye.

Semi Final

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 15th Jun 2022
Loughton R1 R2 Barking II
1Middleton, Stephen1948(W,B)-0-1Jaszkiwskyj, Peter1983(B,W)
2Moth, Simon C17580-1-Ramage, Colin R1852
3Newby, Jonathan1546--Berkley, Stephen W1623
4French, Harvey11690-10-1Naumov, Igor1653
1-3 1-3