Finchley Cup Rapidplay

Knockout 2019-20

The Finchley Cup is a knock-out competition played over a minimum of four boards.
Each match shall be played over two rounds, with the second round reversing the colours.
The rate of play for each game is all moves in thirty minutes.

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Thu26-Sep-19AwayWanstead V W 4˝-3˝
Mon 4-Nov-19AwayChingford II L 3-5

Preliminary round

Wanstead House    Thu 26th Sep 2019
Wanstead V R1 R2 Loughton
1Siddo, Charlton134r(B,W)0-10-1Faulkner, David J154r(W,B)
2Swales, Andrew133s0-11-0van Tol, Martin151r
3Collyer, Alex131r1-01-0Kershaw, Graham J146r
4Harte, Ben125r˝-˝0-1Moth, Simon C142r
1˝-2˝ 2-2

Defending cup holders Loughton edged through to the quarter finals of the Finchley Cup in a nervy tie against an unexpectedly strong Wanstead 5th team.

The first round of games ended with Loughton slightly on top, 2˝-1˝

The second round was particularly exciting …..

This left the match tied at 3˝-3˝ with Dave’s game remaining. However a draw would mean Wanstead V going through on bottom board elimination tiebreak.

Quarter Final

RBL Chingford    Mon 4th Nov 2019
Chingford II R1 R2 Loughton
1Brady, David A162r(W,B)1-0˝-˝Bowmer, Kevin183r(B,W)
2Rose, Peter W152r1-0˝-˝van Tol, Martin147s
3Oakley, Robin J145r˝-˝˝-˝Moth, Simon C142r
4Spear, Brian J135r0-11-0Groce, Ken123r
2˝-1˝ 2˝-1˝

  Grade qualifier  r = Rapid play  s = Standard play

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