Covid rules

  • Please play in the main hall. Spread tables out around the hall as widely as possible. Please do not gather in the back room.

  • Please open as many windows and doors as possible.

  • We suggest at the board that players wear masks.

  • If an opponent asks to you to put a mask on at the board, please do so without question. Some players have health considerations which we need to respect.

  • We will have a couple of bottles of hand sanitiser available. Please feel free to use it.

  • We will keep a list of people who attend each club night. Anyone testing positive for covid in the week after attending the club will need to let us know. We will then need to contact other people who attended the club, in case they need to get tested. We will also need to inform the Bowls Club, who will need to take extra cleaning measures at the venue. All this is a condition of us using the venue.

We are hoping that this will be a fairly light-touch set of rules, and mostly people actually will not notice much difference from the club nights they have attended in the past. Toilets will be open and tea/coffee will be available in the kitchen.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact Martin by e-mail or by phone (07767 206898).