Club Championship 2022-23


  1. The club championship is split into two competitions :
    • an open competition
    • a competition for players graded below 1600 ( June 2022 grading applies).
  2. Rules are identical for both competitions.
    Both competitions are all-play-all with two games against each opponent: one with white, the other with black.
    • 1 point for a win
    • ½ point for a draw
    • 0 points for a defeat
  3. Final positions will be decided as follows:
    • Number of points
    • Number of wins
    • If there is a tie for first place, a rapid-play play-off of two games, with each player having 30 minutes on the clock for all moves in each game. This will also be used to decide other places, if the players concerned want to do that.
  4. Standard Essex League rules apply. Each game will be played on the clock. Each player will have 1 hr 20 mins, plus an increment of an additional 10 seconds for every move made. Different rates of play may be used provided both players and the controller agree.

  5. Score sheets should be used. However, once a player has fewer than five minutes remaining on the clock, a player does not have to record his moves. This is to get players used to competition conditions.

  6. Players must commit to play all their games. The controller will be pestering the players who are falling behind on their games played (apologies in advance!). Anybody dropping out having played five games or fewer (in the open category) or two games or fewer (in the U1600 category) will have all results voided. This is designed to be fair on the other players. Anybody dropping out after playing more games will have the remaining unplayed games decided on an estimated result. This will be decided by the controller in consultation with the Club Committee.

  7. The controller is Ken. Please inform him and the webmaster of your results, either in person or by e-mail.

  8. We hope you all enjoy the competition.


Wed 3rd Aug
Mick vs. Ken 0-1
Mick dropped a pawn in the opening. Ken then won more pawns. When Ken had eight pawns to his three, Mick resigned.

Wed 10th Aug
Martin vs. Les 1-0
A quick 14 move win for Martin against a French defence.

Ken vs. Mick 1-0
Mick went for a kingside attack which resulted in Ken winning a pawn and the game.

Wed 24th Aug
Ken vs. Jonathan 1-0
Jonathan swapped off queens but Ken won the ending.

Simon vs. Stephen 0-1
Simon had an opening initiative that fizzled out and then was outplayed in the middle game.

Wed 31st Aug
Les vs. Ken 1-0
Ken overreached with his attack and failed to find the winning move.

Wed 7th Sep
Martin vs. Stephen 0-1
Martin went astray in the middlegame.
Ken vs. Myles 1-0
Ken won a rook and pawn ending.

Wed 14th Sep
Ken vs. Stephen 0-1
Stephen maintained his 100% record.

George vs. Martin 1-0
Martin sacrified a piece and had a strong attack but George held on and won with his extra piece.

Jonathan vs. Graham 0-1
Jonathan failed to castle and Graham won with a strong attack against a king stuck in the centre.

Wed 21st Sep
Stephen vs. Martin 1-0
Stephen won a pawn and won a bishops and pawns ending.

Graham vs. George 0-1
George sacrificed a piece and had a winning attack after Graham missed the correct defence.

Wed 12th Oct
Stephen vs. Simon 1-0
Both players went for an attack on the other’s king but when Simon’s attack failed, he resigned.

Wed 26th Oct
Stephen vs. Ken 1-0
Stephen slowly improved his position and won a long game.

Wed 2nd Nov
Stephen vs. Jonathan ½-½
An unexpected agreed draw.
Martin vs. Ken 1-0
Martin in a very complex position found a series of checks which led to mate.

Wed 9th Nov
Jonathan vs. Martin 1-0

Stephen was declared winner of the Club Championship 🏆


Wed 27th July
Kestutis vs. Harvey ½-½
Harvey went a rook for a knight down early in the game but played on to obtain a draw when Kestutis was down to a minute on the clock in a winning position.

Wed 3rd Aug
Harvey vs. Jonathan 0-1
Harvey misplayed the opening and found himself at the receiving end of a very strong winning attack from Johanthan.

Wed 10th Aug
Fred vs. Kestutis 1-0
Not sure what happen in this game. It was over quickly.
Harvey vs. Les 0-1
Harvey allowed Les to get control of the centre which led to a lost position and a lot of pawns.

Wed 17th Aug
Les vs. Mick 1-0
Les won a king and pawn ending.

Wed 24th Aug
Kestutis vs. Les 1-0
Kestutis went a queen up and won.

Fred vs. Mick 1-0
Fred outplayed Mick. However this was just a friendly and has been removed from the grid below.

Wed 31st Aug
Fred vs. Jonathan 1-0
Johanthan lost a rook in the middle game.

Wed 7th Sep
Jonathan vs. Harvey 1-0
Jonathan won well.
James vs. Les 0-1
Les ended up with two queens.
Kestutis vs. Fred 0-1
Kestutis got his queen trapped in the centre.

Wed 14th Sep
Fred vs. Les 1-0
Fred increased his lead with a win over Les.
Harvey vs. Kestutis ½-½
Harvey and Kestutis drew a bishop ending.

Wed 21st Sep
Les vs. Jonathan ½-½
Les and Jonathan had a very interesting king and pawn ending which was agreed drawn.
Kestutis vs. Mick ½-½
Kestutis and Mick also had a drawn king and pawn ending.

Wed 5th Oct
Mick vs. Fred 0-1
Les vs. Kestutis 0-1

Wed 12th Oct
Les vs. Mick ½-½
Les got the better of the opening then went astray and they agreed a draw.
Jonathan vs. Fred 0-1
Jonathan dropped a piece and resigned.

Wed 19th Oct
Jonathan vs. Kestutis 0-1
Kestutis won quickly.

Wed 26th Oct
Kestutis vs. Jonathan 1-0

Wed 2nd Nov
Les vs. Fred 0-1
A quick win by Fred.

Fred was declared winner of the Club Under 1600 Championship 🏆